Industrial Sector

The industrial sector has specific needs which Cuisines Equinoxe specializes in by having served clients related to this sphere of activity for several years now. Just like for any other field, stainless steel equipment making for large-scaled businesses goes through a thorough evaluation in order to ensure superior quality and practicality of manufactured products. Food preparation areas are therefore set-up according to the client’s requirements, in the best possible way.


Cuisines Equinoxe manufactures custom-made stainless steel equipment, distributes stainless steel kitchen appliances and specializes in stainless steel laser cut-outs. As a manufacturing company, Cuisines Equinoxe is able to make custom stainless steel equipment, adapted to your needs. Stainless steel kitchen products made by Cuisines Equinoxe meet the needs and requirements of their customer base that works in the food service industry. Cuisine Equinoxe also manufactures a broad range of products: food preparation tables, sinks, refrigerated display, hot service tables, cooking exhaust hoods and cafeteria counters. These stainless steel products are created to serve restaurants, hospitals, reception facilities, schools, colleges, universities, hotels and government institutions.